Flip and Flop, the stupid and the smart

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September 26, 2017 by jacklovelace

While I wouldn’t know a shingle from a marble counter top, watching some home channel shows is a bonding activity inside our household.

My first one was Flip or Flop, and I’ve added a few along the way.

Some keen observations.

Flip or Flop: Entertaining but southern California is wearing real thin.

They have modified some of the sillier aspects of the show.

Tarek: “We can fix this house for $50,00.” Always double the amount. Always

encounter problems that you would have discovered much earlier if it wasn’t a tv show.

The show has gotten less unbelievable but it is weird watching these media stars after

their divorce and the blowup splattered all over the media.

Safe to say they wouldn’t be in business together if it wasn’t about fame and money.

Flip or Flop Vegas: Odd show. They find really cheap housing units and furnish them

as garish as they can. If the stagings for sale had any more crap jammed into these

places, you couldn’t actually see the unit. Which may be the point.

Desert Flippers: An interesting couple, he has a good sense of humor and they bounce off each other well. They also take a much more realistic approach than Flip or Flop, with less fake drama for commercial breaks. The only downer for me is my lack of any interest in the Palm Springs.

Flip or Flop Atlanta. Touches all the bases. Smart couple, smart rehab, interesting variety of neighborhoods. The best of the shows. It is so not phony some might find it a bit boring, but I appreciate how they don’t insult our intelligence.

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