House hunting tv shows: ugh and oh

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September 26, 2017 by jacklovelace

I mentioned watching the flip or flop shows as family bonding in a separate posting.

We sometimes watch the house hunting show together. Although…..

House Hunters: Spoiled rotten Americans whining in a show that is setup to pit them against each other. “Joe wants to live in an old Victorian home. Laura wants a home that has just been built.”

So moronic I don’t understand how it helps ratings to have a couple looking for opposite type homes but what the hell.

House Hunters International: A much more interesting show, although some of the locales have no interest for me.

I love when couple are just the opposite of Americans whining over marble counter tops.

“Look Fredrick, it has indoor plumbing”

My only beef with this show, and it applies to House Hunters, is when the couple explains what they want and then their budget.

“Four bedrooms, pool, garden, private gym.”Budget? “$9”.

Finally, we ran across a british version of house hunting where a couple it looking

for homes in the countryside.

At first it was charming. They are never spoiled, budgets are realistic, and everyone is

very nice with fun visuals.

I’m giving up though. They not only don’t create fake drama like America shows, they create no drama and milk it to 60 minutes. There are weird sidebars where we learn how fences are made and shit like that. And in the end, the couple almost never picks any of the houses, often just going back to London.

It ain’t easy.


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