Murray observes a life flash

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August 31, 2018 by jacklovelace

When I used to live in St. Louis there was a very good television weatherman named Dave Murray.

My brother alerted me that Murray is retiring soon after a seriously long career.

I always enjoyed his pleasant way, information first, good knowledge and depth.

But my favorite memory was one time when the station brought in a “pretty boy”,

Patrick Emory, as anchorman.

His ego could almost be visible on the screen, the preening was that bad at times.

One day he was doing a story that must have involved him actually leaving the studio and almost running into a serious situation somewhere.

Emory was on set with Murray and said “I could see my life flash before my eyes.”

With no more than a beat, Murray replied “Didn’t see much did you?”

The set exploded in laughter.

And to his credit, Emory wet a finger and raised it into the air to post it as “one for Murray”.

Thanks for the memories Dave.

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