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August 31, 2018 by jacklovelace

Read a story this week about how Danny Meyer, the owner of a highly successful batch of restaurants, including Shake Shack, is going it pretty much alone on having no tip restaurants at his high end places.

We had the chance to see what it was like at two of his restaurants in New York on three different visits.

The first time was just weird. When the bill comes there is no place to even put a tip. It seems real odd.

By the last visit we didn’t even blink, and I enjoyed calculating the lack of 20 percent added on for the topnotch service his places always offered.

They ain’t cheap so it isn’t really saving much money, but it was an easy transition.

The problem is no tipping doesn’t work so well when you get into the world of most restaurants where the pay is never going to be high enough to leave tipping out of the equation.

So while I would never be critical of any restaurant that isn’t top tier pricing from going no tipping, I have to say it is kind of nice when you do find it.

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