Midnight football blues 2019

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June 1, 2019 by jacklovelace




18 hours ago

CU-CSU game starts at 8:10. Over at midnight? TV rules and to hell with the fans



When we are on a toll road in America under construction with slow downs, should we really be paying full price?



If game of thrones had been filmed any darker they would have had to tell us what happened



The May 2019 issue is your best ever. Filled with good stuff and the amount of research and information is truly impressive. You outdid yourself on this issue. Congratulations!



Bosch is back and better than ever!



Hanna is a terrific miniseries. Better than the movie and the movie was good.



It’s coming. Every NFL okay reviewed. Six hour games. They’ll have to convert seats to recliners.



I didn’t think the C.J. Box Joe Pickett books could get any better. The new one, Wolf Pack, is the best.



Apollo 11 should win best doc Oscar next year.



The Kid is a really good western. See it before it disappears.



The Warriors are the most fun to watch but they complain on every foul call. A drag.



A powerful movie out on dvd today that no one has seen: Back Roads



How could Lee Irmey,s death be left out of the Oscar memorium. His drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket is legendary.



National media guy says nobody knows who the Nuggerts are. Gee who is responsible for that? He should look in the mirror.



Ok oscars, what the hell, best picture, all we need is radio Gaga!



For the Mr. Rogers documentary “Won’t You Be My Friend” to not get a best documentary nomination is ridiculous.



This is not good news



USA Today publisher Gannett Co. targeted for $1.36B buyout by Denver Post parent company Digital First Media via



Can student journalists teach the media a lesson about neutrality? via



The Fourth Estate – In Film + Conversation | Denver Film Society


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