When a championship means even more

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June 13, 2019 by jacklovelace

I’ve been lapping up the wave of joy after the Blues won the Stanley Cup yesterday (Even writing the words makes me smile)

A lot of writers have captured the historical journey involved in making it so sweet.

I remember when the Blues were formed and all the expansion teams were thrown into the same division and the winner played the old guard for the Stanley Cup.

In those first years the Blues were real smart in snapping up the best goaltenders available, guys like Glenn Hall and Jacques Plante.

We were good enough to win the expansion division, but with no offense, lose in

four straight the first three years to the big boys.

Casual national fans shouldn’t get it wrong about the Blues futility.

We have always been pretty good. It was pretty much taken for granted we would make the playoffs. But it was also taken for granted we wouldn’t go anywhere. You are talking about decades of consistency which was different than being bad.

Over the years a hardcore of really good hockey fans developed. The Cardinals did and will always hold the city heart, but the dedicated Blues fans were the real deal and it actually became a good hockey town.

This winter I was puzzled at how a team that was supposed to be, what else, pretty good, was in last place. And when the wins mounted I just watched, cautiously.

The playoffs arrived and I just rode the rollercoaster.

Even last night, I went into the game with no huge assumptions. Boston has a better power play, if they get a lot of chances we would be in trouble. And then there is always the goalie to consider.

My feeling was, I wouldn’t be surprised if we won, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost.

When the boys hoisted the cup it was a tearful moment for anyone who has paid attention for 52 years or whatever the hell the count is.

I’ve never been a diehard fan but it has always been my team.

To just soak in the celebration, even from afar, has been special.

When you talk about some championships meaning more than others,

this one applies.

And yes, I realize lyrically Gloria makes absolutely no sense as a rallying cry.

But tough shit.

Gloria, Gloria, I think I’ve………………..


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