Midway is a movie worth seeing

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November 14, 2019 by jacklovelace

I love the original Midway movie that came out years ago. I have it fairly well memorized.

So I was curious about the new Midway.

I liked it a lot.

It does cover some familiar ground for those of us who saw the original and have read about the early war years in the Pacific.

But it actually tells the battle of Midway in a more understandable fashion than the original.

And I also like how it begins before the war and gives real grounding of what led up to the battle of Midway.

I expected critics to be lukewarm and they are. 42 percent, actually higher than I expected from a group that has a fair share of critics who loathe war and what they see as the glorification of it.

But viewer response on Rotten Tomatoes is 92 percent, 50 percent higher than the critics.

The movie is worth seeing.

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