Cowboy obsession on the yell shows puzzling

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December 31, 2019 by jacklovelace

I surf the cable sports channels. I watch only teams I care about and I don’t spend any time on those sports talk shows where they scream and yell. Apparently the loudest jackass wins, hell I don’t know.

When I stumble on quiet shows like Dan Patrick it is a soothing balm, but then I don’t care enough to watch it either.

What I have observed is the obsession with certain teams and individuals to the point of ludicrous.

With my firm Midwest roots now planted in Colorado, the coast bias has always been part of my sports life, and I realize that if the Lakers were always a topic before LaBron James, now they are the only NBA topic.

What puzzles me is the massive coverage of the Dallas Cowboys. Anytime I flip past one of those channels the latest Cowboy game or move is the top topic.

Now once upon a time I realize there was that America’s team horseshit, but now?


I find it puzzling that all Cowboys all the time is even good for ratings.

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