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January 5, 2020 by jacklovelace

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3 out of five stars

Fun yes: Believable no

Fun? Absolutely. Believable? Absolutely not. If you don’t let Rose doing things and
surviving things that someone 40 years younger couldn’t, you will enjoy the book
much more. Enough twists and turns and nasty people to keep it lively.

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What Rose Forgot: A Novel

3.9 out of five stars210
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3 out of five stars

Good even with Ramsey edge

This had a Ramsey belief edge to it. But having said that, there is a lot of fair and
meticulous reporting on details that I had either forgotten or didn’t get reported
previously. Don’t expect any answers. The author believes the Ramsey’s are innoc…

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We Have Your Daughter: The Unsolved Murder of JonBenét Ramsey
Twenty Years Later

3.8 out of five stars149
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4 out of five stars

Bosch, Ballard balance works

I think the balance of Bosch and Ballard works. I didn’t find myself favoring one or
the other as he alternates point of view throughout the book while picking up
steam. We love Harry but Ballard makes him even more interesting.…

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The Night Fire (A Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch Novel (22))

4.6 out of five stars1,680
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2 out of five starsVerified Purchase

Long for him to be unpredictable

I long for Grisham to be unpredictable again. Surprise us in topic, interesting loopy
characters, take us somewhere
we haven’t experienced before with a story to match. Those days may be long gu…

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The Guardians: A Novel

4.5 out of five stars3,167
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4 out of five starsVerified Purchase

Good concept and characters

Good concept. Good characters. Good action and building of suspense. I thought
this was quite well done.
Sometimes you get a good idea and clumsy characters that don’t seem real. That …

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Cold Storage: A Novel

4.1 out of five stars180
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3 out of five stars

Not bad but a bit of a stretch

It was an ok read. Starts strong. As the story goes along it becomes fanciful to the
point of skepticism. A science fiction stretch, and the close calls become hard to
believe. Still, I didn’t mind the time I spent with it, even though it reminded me of…

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The Andromeda Evolution

3.6 out of five stars117
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2 out of five stars

When amusing becomes irritating

I used to be a big fan but I’m about gone. Vastly overwritten with page after page
of cutesy dialogue and what if speculation instead of action advancing the story.
There are good scenes but our hero is just too cute and he becomes more irritatin…

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The Deserter: A Novel

4.1 out of five stars698
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5 out of five stars

Maybe the best Bob Lee Swagger of all

I read all the Swagger books by Hunter. Love some of them, at least like all of them.
I think Game of Snipers may be the best.
And that surprises me.…

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Game of Snipers (Bob Lee Swagger)

4.5 out of five stars240
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4 out of five starsVerified Purchase

Good trifecta…food, travel and writers

I picked up this book after Rick spoke at an event in my city.
Smart of him to give us a three in one……..a bit of foodie, travel, and some quality

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The Traveling Feast: On the Road and at the Table with My Heroes

4.1 out of five stars15
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4 out of five stars

Elevator setup is a dandy

I think this is one of his better efforts. The premise with the elevators is a really
good one and he squeezes it well.
The climax is fun if a bit of a stretch but I would put this in the upper ranks of his …

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Elevator Pitch: A Novel

4 out of five stars153

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