The Hunt is smart horror that doesn’t play favorites

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June 15, 2020 by jacklovelace

I was intrigued by a move that was coming out when the virus broke called “The Hunt”.

It was a twist on the classic man hunts man for sport theme. This time liberals roundup deplorables and go on the hunt.

After the virus they peddled it for $20 on cable which was too high. They dropped it to $8 eventually but I waited them out and got it last week for $1.50 on Redbox.

Enjoyed it a lot.

I was curious to see if Hollywood actually make a movie skewering liberals for hunting

the great unwashed.

It isn’t quite like that, and actually it is better for it.

The deplorables don’t come off that great, and indeed the liberals come across pretty badly too.

An equal opportunity lampoon, even though (Spoiler Alert) one unwashed does win in the end but she is real interesting and not what she seems to be.

And there is a helluva showdown fight between a lefty woman and this righty woman leading up to it.

It was just fun to see a movie from Hollywood that seems above the predictable fray of loading up on one side. And as the writer and director point out in a side video, they see this as a warning about where we may be headed with the division in the country.

Give it a go.

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