Old, bad style journalism

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November 13, 2020 by jacklovelace

I pretty much avoid cable news like the plague but I dipped my toe on election night.

I flipped on CNN and the “journalists” were feverishly explaining over and over and over how Biden could win. I flipped to Fox that focused clearly on how Trump could pull it off.

No surprise but still sad.

The battle to keep journalists out of the story is pretty much over, but I still

manage eye rolls from time to time.

The Denver Post had a headline yesterday that read verbatim:

“Denver-based voting company refutes Trump’s baseless claims of deleted, changed, votes.”

Gee, the headline write doesn’t suffer from Trump syndrome, eh?

God forbid we let someone in the story say they were baseless. If the headline write knows they are baseless, why wait around for someone in the story to make the case.

The only real question left: Does anybody under 40 have any interest in “old fashioned stay out of the story journalism?”

I suspect the answer is no.

We read and watch “our side” and that’s all we need.

The neutral narrator is actually a fairly recent phenomena. Advocacy used to rule the day.

And does again.

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