My hidden quarterback

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November 10, 2020 by jacklovelace

Football coaches love secrecy.

Nothing makes them happier than not announcing who their starting quarterback is going to be.

Covid has made this even easier, as they not only withhold the name of the starting quarterback, but anyone who is going to play.

The quarterback hiding presumes an advantage in that the other team cannon prepare for two different quarterback styles.

My observation is this is pretty much horseshit.

Two teams I follow, MU and CSU, played the game this season.

The MU coach hid the starter before the first game. The secret starter promptly stunk the place up and was replaced, never to return again.

CSU’s coach played the same hide and seek with the same results, a quarterback with a terrible first game who also has not returned to action.

Coaches, out of all the things to worry about, getting an edge by hiding quarterbacks isn’t one of them.

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