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February 23, 2021 by jacklovelace

Nomadland on Hulu is great, and I don’t say that loosely.

The story of nomads traveling the nation in vans in search of jobs and scenery and friends is filmmaking at its best.

Frances McDormand is a great actress who is perfect in this role as a real person bouncing back from loss on her own terms.

I never once thought anything wasn’t real, it almost plays like a fine documentary, which is no surprise since all the characters were real nomads except for McDorman and David Straithairn (one critic loved the movie but said the only bad thing was including Straithairn even though he didn’t play a “toxic white male”, wow!)

The scenery of the west is magnificent.

You know my favorite thing of all? There are no bad people? No evil people trashing nomads, no nomads trashing other nomads.

No movie devices. none.

If this movie won the academy award I would applaud.

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