Best movies, me not Oscar

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March 28, 2021 by jacklovelace

What a weird year for picking best movies in 2020.

Limited numbers. Reduced to watching on the small screen.

I’ve got five on my list.

Oscars have eight. We only overlap on two movies.

Nominees for best picture includes two movies I haven’t seen. Sound of Metal, which didn’t sound interesting,

and The Father, which sounded too close to home for an old man who doesn’t want Alzheimer’s.

Also nominated was Mank, a well done but too long talky story that just didn’t turn me on.

Judas and the Black Messiah, a good movie that covers familiar ground for an older person and didn’t quite fire me up, but came to closest to making my list.

The Trial of the Chicago 7, also familiar ground and more showy than enlightening.

And finally Promising Young Woman, an intriguing lively story that could well bring Mulligan a best actress victory.

The movie is so rotten at the core with all evil men and no light at the end of the tunnel scenario, I would hate to see it rewarded.

My list in no certain order except for one:

Minari: Also an Oscar nominee, a sweet movie that makes an immigrant family look familiarly human, and doesn’t

denigrate the people they encounter in Arkansas. Excellent.

Map of the World: Except for a couple of scenes that struck me as movie drama and not realistic, I would rave about this movie. Love Hanks, the young female lead is terrific and it is a good story.

The Little Things: Denzel Washington tracks down a serial killer. I’m in. And it doesn’t follow usual plot devices. Worth another watch.

Let Him Go: Riveting. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane rescue a grandchild from the family from hell. A scene at the kitchen table for dinner with the family is as chilling and scary as any horror movie could ever hope to be. Oh my.

Nomadland: I think it will win the Oscar and I’m glad. Not a false not in the movie. Not an artificial nasty character. Just

people who are living a lifestyle in which they find much to like.

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