Some recent movie reactions from my Rotten Tomatoes

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April 27, 2021 by jacklovelace

Thunder Force (2021) 0 minutes ago

When I watch Spy with Melissa McCarthy over and over and then try and watch this dreck, I mourn over the loss of her mojo. Time to get her funny back, witty, nasty, politically incorrect, outrageous. Boy I miss her.

My Octopus Teacher (2020) 6 minutes ago

Visually strong, touching, well written. One smart documentary with heart.

Stowaway (2021) 7 minutes ago

Too slow and the ending was not hard to predict.

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) 25 days ago

Wonderful visuals. Silly. Fun. Whoever would have thought (spoiler) Godzilla and Kong would join forces to beat an evil corporation monster created by an evil corporation. Sigh. But it is a joy to see it on big screen and it closes with a version of the Hollies “The Air that I Breathe”, so it can’t be that bad.

Yes Day (2021) 1 month ago

It doesn’t get better as it goes along and it wasn’t all that great to start with.

Nobody (2021) 1 month ago

Big fun. Silly in a good way. Odenkirk rocks!

Minari (2020) 1 month ago

I have much respect for this movie. It is a story of a Korean family and the trials and tribulations of making a go of it in Arkansas back in the 80’s. And it is done with such a deft touch. The people of Arkansas are depicted with respect, not some elite talking down version of reality. And the family is not perfect, they struggle in their own ways. But in the end, it all comes together in a believable way that makes for a feel good movie that has none of the cliches of a typical feel good movie. There isn’t one nasty person in this entire movie. Building the characters can feel a little slow at times but it always picks back up and is worth the journey. It isn’t quite as good as Nomadland, a similar movie in some respects, but since I think Nomandland is the best movie of the year, I have no hesitation putting this in select company just behind it.

The Courier (2020) 1 month ago

Engrossing movie, had me from beginning to end.

Promising Young Woman (2020) 1 month ago

Mulligan is great and the story keeps you engaged. The problem is the underlying assumption. All men are evil. Not some, which would have made a more interesting and credible movie, but all men are beasts. In this bleak landscape there is zero hope of ever finding a man who would treat a drunk woman with respect instead of attacking them or letting it happen. And women don’t fare any better in this version of reality, they either condone or ignore the rapes from the beasts. I would reward Mulligan with award nominations, but not the movie.

Coming 2 America (2021) 1 month ago

Embarrassing and unwatchable.

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