Costner Part Two: It figures

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September 7, 2021 by jacklovelace

I love Kevin Costner and so I was in on Yellowstone from the beginning.

It helps that it is spicy good.

If you are also a fan you already know this, but I just watched a rerun of the finale episode from last season.

Costner the crusty wealthy ranch owner sees a lady standing by her car with a flat tire. He does the western thing and gets out to help.

She doesn’t even know if the car has a jack, and I’m not sure she knows what a jack is. She says she is from Encino and starts to explain it is in California (part of the Montana invasion) and Costner says “I know where Encino is.”

So he fixes the flat and teaches her son an actual labor skill. She says she can’t pay him and he patiently says you don’t need to get paid to do the right thing.

Then agents of the evil company that wants to take part of his land for an airport, pull up and shoot him.

The last scene has Costner laying on the car and looking down and seeing that his least favorite device in the world, his cell phone, absorbed the bullet and saved his life.

Costner looks at it and with a wry grin and simply says:

“It figures.”

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