Look at Rodgers run

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January 25, 2022 by jacklovelace

I know a lot of media speculation is merely a way to fill space, either air or online or print.

But there are ways to do it with intelligence.

This weekend we watched young quarterbacks who make great decisions and who can run for first downs and lead to their teams to advance toward the championship.

But before the last whistle I began seeing these columns speculating on how to get Aaron Rodgers next year.


Living in Colorado I get a lot of this media silliness, led by the Denver Post, urging Rodgers be secured.

Now as a Chiefs fan, I would love to see Rodgers spend the next couple years before going to the old folks home leading the Broncos.

But c’mon. Forget about vaccines and politics and that stuff.

You see Rodgers scrambling for a first down?

It is a peculiar obsession if you are serious about building a champion.

If you are a media blockhead looking to fill space and press buttons, it works I guess.

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