Bonds, the hall, the alien

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January 26, 2022 by jacklovelace

I have no problem with leaving Barry Bonds out of the Hall of Fame. At least for now to send a message.

But I have to say.

In his steroid years, I have never seen anything like it when he went to the plate.

We were in Colorado by the time he was fully loaded. Back in the Missouri days he was still more the

fast, whippet like hitter from the younger years.

In Colorado, when we would go to the game, or watch on tv it was mesmerizing.

He never swung at a ball. He walked all the time.

And why not, when he got his pitch it was gone. I can remember one at Coors Field. High, majestic,

soaring into the upper reaches of right field. I thought it would go on forever.

For that time, he was the scariest hitter I can remember seeing.

I also remember his head was the size of a melon. His body shape had changed so much he almost looked like an alien.

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