Revised final best movie ranking

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March 9, 2022 by jacklovelace

Finally saw the last two movies that are Oscar nominated.

I actually have two groupings. Three movies that I would be happy to see win the Oscar. And the rest.

  1. Belfast. Great family story of a challenging time in Belfast.
  2. CODA. Loved it. Warm, funny and totally engaging.
  3. Dune. Created a new world with a new story that worked all the way through.
  4. Licorice Pizza. This movie could be in my first grouping. Clearly better than the bottom five. An interesting look at a time gone by with good acting and story scenes.
  5. King Richard. Quirky, real insights into the family. I didn’t find King Richard all that sympathetic a character, which I guess is to the movies credit. He sure was right a lot, almost too much.
  6. West Side Story. Rita Moreno is fabulous and it was good to hear that music again. But the movie is dated, flat, negative sour to the point of sadness. No wonder it bombed. Young people find it dated and weird and fans of West Side Story will find it depressingly sad.
  7. Nightmare Alley. Great ending, good characters, way too much about the psychic con made it drag on far too long.
  8. Power of the Dog. No arguing with the acting and scene setting but what a downer for me to watch. Have friends who feel otherwise, but it was not enjoyable for me to watch although I admire the open end.
  9. Drive My Car. Well acted and thoughtful story about interesting people. Too long and not interesting enough. I wouldn’t watch it again on a bet.
  10. Don’t Look Up. A mess of a movie, doesn’t belong on this list. Biting scenes that do work don’t make up for the choppy stuff that doesn’t.

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