Homeboys and hot topics

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March 22, 2022 by jacklovelace

Lee Childs. C.J. Box. And the Robert Parker Spenser series.

Someone tipped me off to a podcast out of Denver where a television reporter interviewed Lee Childs, author of the wonderful Jack Reacher books.

I’m watching and he points out he has a big spread in Wyoming. Says winters in Wyoming are hard to take.

And then says he has moved to Fort Collins where his sister lives. He goes on about how great Fort Collins is, with mountains shielding us in winter and all the amenities. I just wish he would keep it quiet, there are enough people here now.

Then in the latest Joe Pickett book by C.J. Box, he puts his Wyoming roots on full display.

It’s almost weird to have characters driving down from Wyoming through Wellington and Fort Collins and then bemoan the growth of the Denver area.

Box uses politics as a back drop in the book, but he doesn’t make it the focus of the story.

It is another fine Box book.

On the other hand, the latest Spenser book featuring the Boston private detective, wallows in politics, as a central theme with all cartoon characters used to reinforce a point of view. What a bummer.

I go to these books to escape the throat cutting politics of the day.

When characters I like wallow in it, it makes me sad.

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