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April 18, 2022 by jacklovelace

I am a big friend of free speech and I’m not leading any woke parades.

So I was checking myself this weekend when I saw a story about a Ohio professor

who won a lawsuit in a free speech case.

A student in his class asked him to address him as a female instead of a male. He declined

since they were a male. He got in deep shit for it. At some point he apparently offered to just use

their surname but the student declined.

Anyway, it reminded me of one day when I was teaching a summer college class.

I called roll during class and at the end a student came up and said “you called me Robert but I am becoming Roberta.”

I quickly said sure thing, I’ll change it on my roster notes, and he was Roberta for the rest of the class.

I think people should be whatever they want to be and be called whatever they want. It was just no problem.

I bounced my less than thrilled reaction about the Ohio professor’s handling on the incident initially off a friend who pointed out everything has its limits. If a student asked to be called motherfucker you would need to decline.

While I agree, I do recall that in the movie Horrible Bosses that Jaime Foxx plays a character called Motherfucker Jones.

I have this image of standing in front of the classroom and saying “Yes, you motherfucker, what do you think?”

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