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October 20, 2022 by jacklovelace

Everytime i see endless politics on any cable station, I always think about the news stories that don’t get done.

Here’s just on example.

What is it like in hospitals with covid numbers down? Are the beds till full? Who with? Are the doctors and nurses and workers catching a breath in hours and stress? What has been the impact of Covid on people leaving or coming into the heathcare world? The lack of workers in retail and other industries is clear to see as we interact, what about hospitals?

You could even pick individuals and trace their lives from pre covid through covid to know in the health care industry.

This is just one story, let me sneak in another quick one.

Follow a few shoppers through the supermarket, reaction to inflated prices, choices they have to make, compromises, shelf shortages, etc., from beginning to checkout. Maybe some don’t find it all that bad. Maybe they do.

Feel free to add to the list.

There are lots of news stories that matter to people and interest people beyond the political wars.


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