Wenner as a rolling, rich stone

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December 14, 2022 by jacklovelace

When Rolling Stone magazine came out I thought I was in heaven. I lapped it up from the very early days

for many, many years.

I just finished Jann Wenner’s autobiography and his account of founding the magazine and the early years is fascinating.

But as time elapsed and he became richer and richer, he found himself in a rarified environment. Lunch with Jacky O.

Speed dial with Mick Jagger. Lavish, spoiled lifestyle jetsetting all around the world.

You can credit him for sharing the lifestyles of the rich and famous in great detail and not pretending to be an ordinary guy.

But I grew so uncomfortable to the point of disgust for his separation from the everyday world here on the ground.

I couldn’t wait to finish the book and be done with a mega wealthy guy so out of touch with the very people who worshiped Rolling Stone for all those years.


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