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January 31, 2023 by jacklovelace

I love sports and I love my teams and I have to laugh at how irrational it can be make us.

My Chiefs made my heart soar like an eagle, as my mother used to say, this past Sunday.

The comments made by and around the Bengals had made me more pissed as the week went on, and by Sunday

I really wanted to stick it to them. Obviously the Chiefs more importantly felt the same way.

After the game as I read reaction and comments I was taken aback at how many fans, not Chiefs fans, thought

the refs screwed the Bengals.

It made me realize the lens we use when our team is involved is so different than if you are neutral.

One of the things I try to do is never blame the refs when my team loses. I figure I am missing all the things that went our way, and if you are good enough and make plays at the right time, you should win anyway.

But the howling about the Bengals being screwed reminded me how being a big fan can make objectivity a very difficult concept.

Now let’s look for slights from the Eagles the next two week and use them as we overcome or use the refs and win the Super Bowl.


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