Crazies on wheels

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February 2, 2023 by jacklovelace

While praising how nice people were on our recent trip I hate to lose my grumpy old man status.

Another observation from driving to Arizona and back is how insane drivers are now unleashed on the roads in

increasing numbers.

Countless times going a little over the posted 75 speed limit on interstates we watch as cars fly by going 90 or even up to 100. Often darting from lane to lane, it may seem like a video game to them.

Even on city streets, it is nothing to look in the rear mirror and see a car dash between cars into another lane and fly past

at 70 in a 35 mile zone.

What it scary is we never, and I mean never, saw anyone pulled over, and rarely saw police. The only time we saw

law enforcement was pulled over helping a disabled vehicle.

I wonder if police don’t think it is worth the risk and criticism to chase down reckless drivers and speeders.

It is an ominous thought and already I think, what I call “the crazies” know they are not going to be stopped.

If that is true and this trend continues, it doesn’t bode well for future driving.


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