Hit and miss at the movies: Super isn’t and Brothers are

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March 30, 2016 by jacklovelace

While traveling recently I had some extra time. I have zero interest in super hero movies.

I consider them a waste of time and money, not just for me but also the movie industry. No hero ever dies, nothing really ever happens. They just make money and shit blows up.

But, I was bored to tears one day and my grandson is very curious about Superman and Batman in the same movie but is too young to see it, so I took one for the team.

Let’s see. Bloated. Confusing. I could go on. Jesse Eisenberg may be the worst villain in these movies yet. He actually rolls his eyes and slobbers.

On the other hand:

I went to see The Brothers Grimsby at the dollar house. Critics ripped it.

It was tasteless, very politically incorrect and some scenes I couldn’t watch.

I loved it. When it is funny, it is laugh out loud funny. I had a great time.

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