The dumbest, give me beer

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June 26, 2021 by jacklovelace

New Belgium stumbled on to light beer, 95 calories, low carbs (my diabetic brother loved that), and

a nice beer taste for a light beer. And a really cool skinny can.

And then they named it……………….
The Purist.

What a dumbshit name for a beer. Some marketing genius must have thought it was

woke hip, but for me, can you imagine John Wayne bellying up to the bar and saying “Give me The Purist.”


So sure enough, I couldn’t find it on the shelves and contacted New Belgium. A nice pr person answered quickly that it is indeed gone. But, she said it is likely an updated version may reappear in the near future.

I hope that means they will leave everything about the beer alone and just give it a new name.

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